Adeje Women’s prize winner, Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez


On Saturday March 11th Adeje council will award the XIV 2017 Abinque prize to cheese maker Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez, who is also the joint owner of the award winning dairy Quesería Artesanal Montesdeoca.  The award is also seen as a homage to rural business women throughout Adeje who, like Ángeles, are building the future of the borough.

Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga comments, “One of the pillars of the history of Adeje is our agriculture, and the huge implication of women in its development.  This prize recognises the many years of work of Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez, synonymous with the respect we have for all the women who work in rural settings, farming as well as caring for home and family”.

“Being awarded this prize by Adeje is a huge honour for me.  I was also made feel so welcome by everyone here and am delighted to accept this on behalf of all the women in the field.  The Abinque means a lot as it is the first time my work has been recognised in this way.  I wasn’t expecting this and there are many other women out there just as deserving”, said Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez on hearing of her selection as this year’s winner.

Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez

Originally from La Palma, she came to live in Adeje over 20 years ago and with her family set up a company that has become one of the most valued in the sector. The Quesería Artesanal Montesdeoca , in Tijoco, has a host of national and international prizes to its name today, including top awards at the World Cheese Awards every year from 2010 to 2015 .  The dairy was also granted the Tenerife Cabildo Rural Award in 2015 for being “An innovate and sustainable rural business innovation”.

Ángeles says her interest in cheese making was from an early age, “learning the basics from my family and neighbours who made their own cheeses”.  Today people can buy the cheeses at the Adeje Famers Market on Saturdays and Sundays, (8am – 1.30pm) and Wednesdays (3pm -7pm).


The Abinque prize is awarded annually, to coincide with events celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th, recognising the work and contribution of a woman or group of women to the life and local development of the borough of Adeje.  Previous winners have included body board world champion Alexandra Rinder, Walk for Life founder Brigitte Gypen, the oldest women in the borough, the women who were the main workforce in the tomato and banana packaging sector, and many more.

“Only with you, the women of Adeje, can we achieve proper equality for all in acknowledging the work and value of women’s work, which, throughout history, has not received the recognition it deserves”, added the mayor.

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