Charming hamlets


It is still possible to find quaint little traditional villages worth a visit in Tenerife. These places showcase local architecture and an undeniably charming atmosphere. Surrounded by the countryside, these rural hubs have cherished and preserved local customs over time, allowing the visitor to have an insight into olden days in the island. Great natural beauty awaits in the surrounding rural areas, home of tourist routes and excursions aimed for visitors to take in the scenery and farming activities taking place in the vicinity – vineyards and potato, sweet potato, corn and vegetable crops – that have become part of the landscape and are the main local economic drive. Livestock breeding is also common in these areas, goats being the main animal sustained, of whose milk great quality cheeses are made. Some hamlets are even located within highly valuable protected natural spaces. Such is the case of those villages situated within the rural parks of Anaga and Teno, where a wealth in wild fauna and flora lives – laurel forests, palm tree forests and other indigenous species in the mid-lands. Some hamlets such as Masca, Chirche and Taganana are especially charming.

Masca is located within the Rural Park of Teno, in the municipality of Buenavista del Norte, at approximately 750 metres above the sea level and 11 km away from the town’s high street. This area is characterized by its deep ravines descending all the way down to the sea amidst the Los Gigantes cliffs. It is home to a great sample of Canarian rural architecture. It is the starting point of an excursion that will have visitors climbing down the Masca ravine, famous for its spectacular views, at the end of which they will reach the beach. Once there, and after having a well-earned swim in the welcoming Atlantic waters, visitors normally take the boat back to Los Gigantes port.

Chirche is located at approximately 800 metres of altitude – a 5 minute drive to Guía de Isora. This calm and picturesque hamlet is perfect to experience typical Canarian architecture. Some of these houses have been made into rural B&BS offering the possibility of spending the night in a privileged setting.

Taganana is a quaint little village located within the Rural Park of Anaga, and it is part of the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It can be accessed by two roads. The first, from San Andrés – a fishing neighbourhood located 7 km away from the capital city centre home to the Las Teresitas beach. The second, via Las Mercedes, in the municipality of La Laguna. Taganana, much in the same way as other villages in Anaga, has managed to preserve ancient Canarian customs and architecture. It’s widely known for its wine tradition and the beautiful scenery it is home to. In the vicinity, the natural wealth of the Anaga mountain range showcases the lush beauty of its laurel forests, its virtually unspoilt beaches and its impressive rock formations.

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  1. Margaret Harley says:

    Thankyou for telling us about these hamlets love reading your blogs.

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