Weather 21st February 2017, Los Cristianos/Las Americas

7.35am and the sky is grey, the sun is not yet awake and the morning feels cool. I’ll wait awhile, take a walk, have a coffee before posting, by then the day may have decided in which direction it is going.

Decision made, it looks as if we are in for a fine day, the sky is now blue and almost but not quite cloudless, the sun is starting to cast long shadows on the mountain and it has warmed up. Temperatures are now just short of 19°C.


Yesterday wasn´t the nicest, often very cloudy and when the sun did come out it didn’t have much heat. Top temperatures were 22°C yeah I know that isn´t cold but compared to what we are used to it wasn´t particularly warm either.

There is talk of cold polar air moving in from southern Spain, which could mean we will get a downpour so we will have to keep our eyes skinned to see if it makes it to the islands or if, as we hope will happen, it fizzles out before it gets here.



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