“I Love Carnaval” virtual reality party to be enjoyed by all.

It is a project to generate audio-visual content on mobile devices or computers to enjoy live the Carnaval in Santa Cruz.

The City of Santa Cruz, and the Canarian Company I Love The World, have reached an agreement to carry out a project that has the objective to achieve the widest possible dissemination of the Santa Cruz Carnival.

‘I Love Carnaval’ is a novel project related to the generation of audio-visual content in a new language that will allow anyone to enter the party through virtual reality.

The Councillor for Fiestas, Gladis de León, stressed this is an initiative which will help integrate the events and parties held in the streets of Santa Cruz and make them easily accessible and from anywhere.

Through a mobile device or a computer screen, anyone can experience live the masked parties, the aspiring Queens on Gala Night or compare murgas participating in the contests.

The Deputy Mayor, Alfonso Cabello, explained, “This agreement will enhance the commercialization of Carnival as a tourist product, and also an interesting novelty to improve the experience for tourists and visitors and will result in its promotion abroad.”

This technological wants to show Carnival from all angles and bring it closer to millions of people around the world.

I Love The World, SL is a chicharrera company composed of multidisciplinary creators (filmmakers, photographers, creators, editors and designers, among others) with an international vocation focused on innovative audio-visual production ‘no limits’ with state-of-the-art technological support.


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