K9 Sponsor Dogs – The Fab Fourteen


Meet Ella, one of K9’s Fab Fourteen. These are our beautiful dogs who have found it very difficult to find their forever homes. Some are getting on in years, some shy and retiring and some are very large dogs. They each have hearts of gold and have so much to give in return for a loving and safe home but, sadly, continue to be overlooked as family pets and faithful companions.

We know many people would love to adopt a dog but, for many different reasons, it isn’t practical to have a pet. If that’s the case for you, how about sponsoring one of our special guys?

For €8 euros or £8 each month, just chose which of our fab fourteen you would like to sponsor and he or she will send you regular news, along with some photos, of what they have been up to at the refuge. Of course, if you live locally and can visit us, they’d be delighted to go walking with you, show you their favourite places and introduce you to their chums.

Read each of their stories and find out how to sponsor Ella, or any of our Fab Fourteen, HERE and go to “K9 dogs/K9 Sponsor Dogs”. Alternatively, email us at info@k9tenerife.com or call us on 667 638 468.

Meet Our Dogs

We have many dogs – in all shapes and sizes – waiting patiently for their loving, safe and secure forever homes. You can see them all – their stories and pictures – on our website go to “K9 dogs/Dogs waiting for homes”.

Why not visit us at K9 Refuge on Calle Chimbesque between Las Chafiras and Las Zocas any day of the week between 10:00 and 14:00. Alternatively, you can get in touch by telephoning us on 667 638 468 or emailing info@k9tenerife.com

You will also find stories of our dogs, their antics, and heart-warming re-homing’s on Facebook by following Diary of a K9 Tenerife Dogwalker and K9 Tenerife.

For more info on Tenerife read the Red Queen Musings everyone’s favourite Tenerife Blog
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