Weather 12th February 2017, Los Cristianos/Las Americas

Sunday and we are on Orange Alert for all types of bad weather. There are currently very strong gusts of wind that could reach up to 90 km/h, it is certainly playing havoc with my internet connection which is flicking on and off 😦

All areas could see some rain, sometimes quite heavy, it has only just started here and in a matter of seconds is lashing down, and as if that isn´t enough, the sea will join the party bringing with it some whopping breakers up to 6m high.



Following yesterday morning’s miserable start, the mist and rain soon passed, blown away by the strong wind. We were left with sunshine, blue skies and a layer of horizontal grey cloud along the horizon. It looked lovely but the girls and I weren´t tempted to go outside.

Next week’s forecast from AEMET shows predominantly cloudy skies with a few rainy days thrown in for good measure. However, there are as yet no weather warnings.

Arona & Adeje

Arona & Adeje


Puerto de la Cruz

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