Weather 11th February 2017, Los Cristianos/Las Americas

I was woken at 4.40 by the hammering of the wind at the windows, this was accompanied by the occasional tapping of the rain, but it was hard to hear above the sound of the wind. I quickly nipped outside to wind in the awning and bring inside the cushions which were soaking.  As said yesterday, Aemet has issued a Yellow weather warning, rising to Orange tomorrow for the archipelago for the weekend and most of us will see some heavy rain and/or high winds that will bring rough seas with them.


It is now daylight and the sky is filled with grey/black clouds, the morning is cold 17°C and a brisk wind is sweeping the rain across the land.

Having posted yesterday about how lovely the weather was here in the south and getting the comment that it was ‘pouring’ in the north I went to look at the webcams. Sure enough, the weather that was supposedly for today had already started and below you can see both Puerto and Santa Cruz looked quite wintery. However looking later in the day both towns were if not as sunny as the south, at least dry and bright.

Here in the south it continued warm and sunny for the day although the forecast for wind was partially true, not a wind but an occasional breeze gusted from time to time. It was very welcoming as sitting in the sun was sweltering although these two old ladies enjoyed it.


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