Two Competition at La Pepa Food Market

La Pepa Food Market is promoting two very important projects for the cultural and artistic development of the south.

This Saturday 11 February from 20:00 on the terrace of La Pepa Food Market, a contest for songwriters an event organized by Real Dreams Productions, There will be ten artists who will compete every Saturday. They will perform in public before a jury composed of Lorenzo Suárez Dorta, actor and manager of Furniture Hermano Pedro, Dux Garuti, Director of eldigitalsur newspaper, Ezio Dugarte, musician, singer-songwriter and manager of  Open Thay La Caleta. Juan Santana, musician, singer-songwriter of Sin Fundamento, will present the event. The first contestant to present her music this week will be Sandra del Castillo.

School logo competition

In its spirit of promoting the creative, artistic, and cultural development of children, La Pepa Food Market has developed the School Logos Contest, and several schools in the south of the island have sent hundreds of drawings that are displayed on the premises.

The theme is based on or inspired by the phrase “No Tkomplikes la vida, ¡Vive La Pepa!” in any of its meanings.

The deadline is March 1st and the decision of the jury will be made public on March 7, in the media, and personally to the winners, in addition to Facebook.

Source & Images: ELDIGITALSUR

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