Library figures for 2016


Adeje’s libraries continue to be a valuable resource for the Adeje public with almost 27.000 registered visits in 2016, where library staff carried out over 34,000 consultations. The majority of visits were to the main library in the Adeje Cultural Centre (24,000) followed by Armeñime, the Canarian library, Tijoco and Fañabe.

According to the councillor with responsibility, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, “the profile of the library user has changed since the creation of the university campus here in the cultural centre with a notable increase in the demand for books relating to tourism as a career”, but he stressed that the interest in literature hadn’t diminished.  “But we are seeing more members of the Adeje public using the libraries as a research source,” he added.

During 2016 an average of 1,718 people visited a library in the borough each month with just over three quarters of those being adults, slightly more women than men.  The busiest days for users were Mondays and Tuesdays.  There was an average of 32 Wi-Fi connections with the library network daily as well.  14,529 people used the study sections of the libraries both during the week and at weekends.

The most requested books for younger readers were Sponge Bob books, and Bach for my Baby, and in the audio-visual section most in demand were The Wonderful World of Animals, and Disney’s Magic English plus,  among other titles.  Slightly older readers were reading Ciudad de Cristal, and a number of books belonging to the Diario Greg (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) series.  Third level students sought titles on the economy, sociology, leisure and tourism and accountancy.


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