Rotary Club donates adapted vehicle to Asociación San Juan


Recently the International Rotary Club donated a 9-seater adapted van to the Asociación San Juan, based in Adeje.  With this addition to their fleet the association can now improve their service of transporting people with mobility difficulties to and from the centre that is there for individuals with diverse physical and mental challenges.

Manuel Florián, the governor-elect of the Rotary Club, said, “we are an organisation made up of business people and professionals who have a commitment to solidarity.  We are a world-wide organisation in existence for over 200 years, dedicated to the search for peace through the allocation of necessary recourses such as schools, hospitals, etc”.

He said that the Rotary Club in Tenerife had dedicated its most recent efforts to helping the Asociación San Juan, an organisation deserving of assistance.  With the cooperation of the Fundación La Caixa and car concession Cuatromoción, they were able to donate this specially adapted vehicle to the organisation.

Ana Onieda Borges Medína. President of the Asociación San Juan, said that they had been in existence for 23 years to help the most vulnerable members of our society “but we haven’t worked alone, and along the way have been helped by many people and institutions, among them the Adeje council itself”.


José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, Mayor of Adeje, added “solidarity and gratitude are fundamental parts of this society reflected in the work of the Asociación San Juan.  Over the years they have demonstrated their worth with a huge amount of humanitarian work showing the important and special role education plays in our lives”. The mayor also expressed his thanks to the Rotarians and their on-going contribution to the “construction of a more equitable society in the south of Tenerife, with particular attention to improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable.”


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