Adeje sports campaign, putting people first!

Adeje’s sports department today unveiled their 2017 campaign, an official sports album with over 1,300 stickers to be collected, swapped, and pasted.  And the stars of the album?  Everyone who is part of a team, club or sporting association in the borough of Adeje.

According to the borough’s sports councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera

“there are no stickers of Messi or Ronaldo, the stars are the children from all of our clubs and associations in Adeje.  The kids who live in your building, in your neighbourhood.”

The campaign organisers say that the fun that the children, their parents, siblings and friends will have in swapping stickers in school yards and at sporting centres etc will encourage personal relations between people in the borough and help promote the many diverse sports that are played in Adeje.  The campaign has been building interest with a series of billboards announcing the start of something special, and even the children who were being photographed for the album had no idea what the photographs were really for.

The campaign will kick off later this month before the Adeje Sports Gala on February 24th when young athletes are invited to the Las Torres pavilion at 5pm on that day to receive an sticker album and two packets of cards, each with 15 stickers in them.  From then on albums and packets will be on sale in a number of different outlets throughout the borough, bookshops, sports canteens, and Shell in Los Olivos, one of the main sponsors of the campaign.  Ascan Torrabonaf, the company that is hired to collect the borough’s rubbish, is another main sponsor and is running a recycling campaign in parallel, and Halcón Viajes is also sponsoring the campaign.  Each packet (€0.50) will have 15 stickers, with, say the organisers, approximately 1,800,000 stickers in circulation over the coming months.


In one of the biggest campaigns of its kind nationally and “pioneering” according to Cromo Club, the company who have produced the stickers.  There will be over 1,300 numbered, named stickers to collect and the album will be colour coded according to sports, sporting centres, etc.  There will be 250,000 packs of stickers on sale in Adeje and prizes for the first three to fill their albums.  First prize will be a trip to Madrid for 4 persons, second prize a trip to La Gomera with a Samsung tablet for the third person to present a completed album.  There will also be a series of draws throughout the duration of the campaign until the end of April.

The campaign has taken many months to organise with over 50 sports represented in the borough, with up to 100 clubs. “The multi-cultural make up of Adeje is represented in our sports clubs”, added Alonso Ferrera. “In Adeje you can play rugby, cricket, baseball, as well as football, practise gymnastics, etc”.

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