2017 Carnival in Santa Cruz

Carnival (or Carnaval as we spell it here) is almost upon us and nowhere is it celebrated more than in Santa Cruz where the events go from superb to spectacular. From murgas, rondallas, comparsas to bands and of course, Carnival royalty, the Carnival Queen, her Court and the Junior Carnival Queen.

It is celebrated in the street, and plazas, where stalls and kiosks are set up supply the throngs with food and drink as they enjoy the music and festive atmosphere in the different areas.

Carnival reaches its climax with the “coso” (a parade that starts in the afternoon and runs into the evening). Carnival ends with the burial of the sardine where an entourage of mourners, mainly pregnant men, and crying widows carry an enormous sardine sitting on a throne through the streets.

The programme for Santa Cruz Carnival has just been published

Highlights are as follows

11th February Murgas Contest
12th February Children Queen Election
22nd February Adult Queen Election Gala
24th February Carnival Announcing Parade
26th February Carnaval de Día – Carnival for the Family
28th February Grand Carnival Parade “Coso Apoteosis del Carnaval” (4 pm)
1st March Funeral for the Sardine – Entierro de la Sardina
4th March Carnaval de Día – Carnival for the Family
5th March Vintage Cars

You can get more detail on each event by checking the OFFICIAL WEBSITE


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