Weather 14th January 2017 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

I woke in the night struggling to breathe caused by a combination of having, since before Christmas, the chesty cough that many seem to have and the sand and dust in the air from yesterday’s calima. Hopefully, today the last remains will disappear, it looks like it will, as at the moment it is just a hazy curtain rather than a heavy cloak and there is no wind. Temperatures are cooler than this time yesterday morning at 18° in the shade.


The calima which was heavy yesterday morning, thinned as the day progressed, probably due to the strong wind moving it across the island. By 4.00pm, the sun finally managed to break through and for the last hour or so of the day shone brightly and temperatures peaked at 23° but the average for the day had up to that point been no more than 21°C.

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