Weather 24th December 2016 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow,
And what will poor robin do then, poor thing?
He’ll sit in a barn and keep himself warm
and hide his head under his wing, poor thing.

Well perhaps not that bad, but this morning there is a heck of a wind blowing although looking at the direction the trees are bending I guess it is from the East and we are on a yellow alert for strong winds.  Other than that, at the moment the sun is trying hard to shine, in a sky where there are lots of clouds and a fair bit of blue and temperatures are 19°C.

Yesterday remained cold, wet, and grey, also a strong wind thrashed the palm trees about. In all it was rather grim for the tourists who were expecting to enjoy some winter sun, although for us residents it made a lovely change and of course is needed after such a long dry spell. Fortunately, by mid-afternoon, here in the south, the wind dropped a little and the sun came out.

However, the roads that give access to Teide National Park were closed due to ice and snow and could remain that way until Monday, December 26th.

Image MeteoLaMatanza

Image MeteoLaMatanza


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  1. says:

    Happy Christmas Queenie to you and your family.

    Kathryn Kearns

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