Weather 18th December 2016 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

At the moment (8.00am) temperatures are just 16°C, I don´t mind because I am planning as soon as I have had my coffee to get that mountain of ironing out of the way so certainly don´t want a hot morning. The sky is turning blue, the grey shadows of the dawn quickly drifting away and being a Sunday, everything is quiet, but like the clouds that too will quickly disappear as the village arouses.

It took until yesterday lunchtime for the weather to warm up. The sun finally came out and temperatures rose to 25°C but there were still the odd clouds floating about. I spent the afternoon in Las Americas and looking up the mountains, the clouds were black and ominous – on returning home it wasn´t nearly as bleak as it looked. It could have been a lot worse, in the north, they had rain at lunchtime, and checking again early evening, it was still very wet. Fortunately, here in the southern resorts, people were still enjoying the beach at Las Vistas.


The forecast for next week is that there is a good chance of seeing rain in the south on Tuesday and a possible shower on Wednesday. Temperatures will hover around 20-21°C in the shade. In Puerto de la Cruz, there is a 65-95% chance of rain every day and temperatures are likely to be in the teens.

Adeje / Arona

Adeje / Arona

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz

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