7 things you probably did not know about the Canary Islands


The most popular idea is that the perfect vodka is of Russian origin, which I must say that is a misconception.The purest and highest quality vodka is made in a small canary municipality in Gran Canaria. Blat Vodka has been rated in the United States as the most pure and smooth vodka market. Its traditional taste prevents painful hangovers.


In 1999, the City of San Cristobal de La Laguna was declared a World Heritage Site as a unique example of a colonial walled city. Founded in 1496, it was the capital of Tenerife until the nineteenth century and is now the third most populous city of the Canary Islands.


This canary native sport, Canarian wrestling is similar to Sumo practiced in Japan, is undertaken within a sand circle called “terrero”. In it, two fighters face each other and the object is to topple each other over. The teams consist of 12 wrestlers and the one with the most fighters standing is the winner.


SIAM PARK is considered “the best water park in the world” according to TripAdvisor. The award was presented during the second edition of the awards Attractions, where it competed with 300 facilities around the world.


Director, producer and writer, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Among his major works include the short Handcuffed (1996) and Oscar nominated film Intact (2001), a film that got the Goya Award for Best New Director. In 2007 and 2010 respectively, he premiered his feature films 28 Weeks Later and Intruders.


Canary astrophysics began in the early sixties at the Observatorio del Teide in Izaña (Tenerife), 2,390m above sea level. Its geographical location, coupled with the transparency and excellent astronomical quality of the sky, have contributed to the Observatorio del Teide being the preferred location to study the Sun, using the best European solar telescopes.


Before the Spanish conquistadors arrived, Tenerife was divided into nine small kingdoms they were Abona, Adeje, Anaga, Daute, Icod, Guimaras, Taoro, Tegueste and Tacoronte, each run by a King (Mencey in Guanche language).

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