500 businesses have been ‘geolocalised’ via ImPyme Adeje

The Adeje council, through the department of economic development and job creation under Councillor Manuel Luis Méndez Martin, have been developing the ImPyme Adeje project, an initiative which is helping local businesses become more visual on social networks and the World Wide Web.

“What we are working towards is giving the local commercial sector an extra tool in promoting their businesses on the web and in so doing galvanising the local economy, which is in a healthy state in Adeje.  We are currently in phase one of the project and already 500 local businesses are mapped on the internet”, explained the councillor.

ImPyme Adeje has three phases in all: identify, localise and help build a business network; innovate and train; assess and invigorate, collaborate and promote. All of the businesses already signed up are located in the centre of Adeje, including in La Postura, Los Olivos, El Galeón and Las Torres.  Details of the businesses, contact names and numbers, the kind of commercial activity engaged in and the location of the business in question have been taken and uploaded.  Visits have been made to find out, in more detail, about the services on offer and how the council can help the business improve, etc.

The 500 have now a presence on Google Maps which allows people search for them and find out what they need to know.  Images from the inside of the uploaded businesses will also soon be added to enhance the presence online. All of this has been made possible by the council’s partnership with Crea Solutions, a locally based company who have undertaken the geolocalisation of the businesses.

During 2017 the next phases of the project will come into being “and the project will be completed when all of Adeje’s businesses are geolocalised so we are asking that borough businesses come on-board and contribute to this very positive initiative” concluded the councillor.


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