A Holiday in Tenerife for Every Month of the Year

Tenerife holidays are popular with all kinds of holidaymakers, all year round. The island’s blissfully temperate weather, gorgeous surroundings and a wealth of activities for all ages make it easy to see why. Whichever month of the year you choose to visit Tenerife, you’re in for a treat. But what’s going on in Tenerife when you’re there? Check out our guide for what you can expect every month of the year during your holiday in Tenerife!

A Holiday In Tenerife in… January

If you’re lucky enough to be around just after new year, on 5th January there is the Three Kings (Tres Reyes) parade to enjoy. Halfway through the month, on 15th, there’s the Romería de San Abad in Adeje. Lots of food, lots of wine, ornately decorated carts and folk music make for a fun day’s fiesta-ing in this, more peaceful, of months.

San Abad celebrations in Buenavista del Norte and La Matanza also take place during January, usually around the third Sunday of the month. These take the form of livestock fairs, with plenty of cattle, sheep, goats, and some more unusual animals, too!

Finally, if you head to Playa de la Enramada in Costa Adeje on 20th January, the Romería de San Sebastián will be in full swing from midday onwards. The highlight of this is the spectacle of horse bathing down on the beach, which attracts large crowds of onlookers each year.

A Holiday In Tenerife in… February

It’s carnival season in Tenerife! In fact, throughout January, festivities have already been building, and come February, it’s party time. Head, in particular, to the capital of Santa Cruz to enjoy the vibrant parades, with bright and beautiful costumes, smiling faces and partying in the streets. The Santa Cruz Carnaval is Tenerife’s answer to Rio’s Carnaval in Brazil, and is the biggest party of its kind in Europe, with expertly choreographed parades, music and floats, and a sense that all rules and taboos have been temporarily suspended.

A Holiday In Tenerife in… March

Whilst Santa Cruz celebrates its Carnaval in February, Los Cristianos is next in line, with their own version in March. Thousands of participants, and even more thousands of revellers, will convene for festive fun, parades and dancing in the streets in this popular resort on the south of the island. Guia de Isora’s Pascua Florida is an absolute must-see for lovers of floral displays. The town’s streets come alive with displays evoking the stations of the cross, with moving visual representations of Christ’s final journey through Jerusalem.

A Holiday In Tenerife in… April

Bookworms on holiday in Tenerife during April will be excited to learn that this is the month of Adeje’s Feria del Libro. The event hosts a wide range of book stalls, events and exhibitions, as well as book readings and signings, and celebrations of famous authors from Spain and beyond. There is as much emphasis on English-language literature as there is on Spanish, so even if your Spanish is a bit ropey, you’ll definitely feel catered to at this quirky and unique Tenerife Feria.

A Holiday In Tenerife in… May

One of the absolute highlights of the Tenerife event calendar is the annual Los Realejos Cruces & Fuegos fiesta. A huge firework display has been a traditional central part of this festival since 1770, and are still served by the same firework manufacturers who’ve been providing pyrotechnics for the event since 1788, Hermanos Toste. The display begins at about 9.30pm ad goes on for a whopping three hours!

Also in May, Dia de Canarias is celebrated. On May 30th, the whole of the Canary Islands enjoys a public holiday, commemorating the anniversary of the first session of the Canary Islands Parliament in 1983. The day is marked with parties, cultural, sporting and social events across all the islands.

A Holiday In Tenerife in… June

Every June, the Starmus Festival takes place to celebrate the unity of science and art. There is a strong emphasis on astronomy, combined intriguingly with rock music, with famous minds from both worlds in regular attendance. The event has drawn speakers such as Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins, Neil Armstrong, and musicians such as Brian May, Tangerine Dream and Rick Wakeman.

A Holiday In Tenerife in… July

Ever since it first arrived on the scene in 2011, the Arona Summer Festival has been a major summer event in Tenerife. It is Tenerife’s largest music festival, which celebrates the artistic and cultural roots of the Canary Islands, as well as offering everything you’d expect from a successful summer music festival on a sunny island!

A Holiday In Tenerife in… August

Of all the summer Romerias throughout the season in Tenerife, the Romeria San Roque in mid August is perhaps the biggest. The usual pilgrimage procession to be seen at all the romerias is accompanied by some seriously awesome local food and drink, whilst dancers in traditional costume, oxen, goats and sheep dance through the narrow streets to the sound of local folk music.

A Holiday In Tenerife in… September

September seems to be the month to visit Tenerife if you’re a fan of arts and crafts. There are at least four arts and crafts fairs spread out throughout the month, including La Orotava’s Pinolere Arts & Crafts Fair, Guia de Isora Arts & Crafts Fair, Arico Arts & Crafts Fair and Tacoronte Arts & Crafts Fair. Tenerife, by the way, absolutely loves arts and crafts fairs. We wrote a post about it: read it here.

A Holiday In Tenerife in… October

The Fiesta Nacional de Espana (also known as Hispanic Day) is celebrated throughout Spain on October 12th every year, and is a national holiday. It commemorates Christopher Columbus’s first arrival in the Americas, and takes place in the Canary Islands as much as anywhere else in Spain. Unfortunately, it’s not very much to report on. Suffice to say, you’re likely to find limited services on this date, and lots of businesses will be closed. However, if you keep your ear to the ground, you may hear of small local events near where you’re staying on your Tenerife holiday.

A Holiday In Tenerife in… November

November may be one of the quieter months in Tenerife. There’s All Saints’ Day at the beginning, the Santa Cruz marathon somewhere in the middle, and then there’s the ‘Tablas de San Andres’ Wine Festival that coincides with St Andrew’s Day at the end of the month. Yes, there is a lot of wine involved. But there’s also the spectacle of locals in Icod de Los Vinos and Chio throwing themselves down the steep streets of the town on wooden planks.

Daring participants go as fast as 50km/h, with the fastest and most beautiful cars (i.e. planks!) winning prizes. On 29th November, there’s also Correr el Cacharro in Valle de la Orotava, a bizarre-sounding event where local residents dig out their old brass and tin items, tie them to a rope and run around the town. Then they eat chestnuts and salty fish.

A Holiday In Tenerife in… December

6th December is Tenerife’s Dia de la Constitucion, so you are likely to find everything to be closed. However, things do pick up after this, with some gorgeous Christmas markets to enjoy. These are great for picking up unique festive decorations and souvenirs, and to experience the odd sensation of Christmas cheer in a warm climate. Then, of course, on 31st December, is New Year’s Eve, and – as you’d expect from the vibrant Canarians, they go all out to celebrate and see in the new year with flourish!

So, there you have it. These are just a few of the events that take place in Tenerife every single year. However, it’s important to note that there are unique one-off events taking place all the time in Tenerife, so it pays to do your research, check out local listings and keep your eyes and ears open. One thing is for sure, there’s never a dull moment in Tenerife!

Even if there’s nothing going on during your trip, there are always hundreds of ways to spend a day out, whether at the island’s zoos and waterparks, exploring the smaller towns and villages of the island, or getting involved in a spot of watersports down on the beach. And if all else fails, whack on the suncream and bask in the gorgeous Tenerife sunshine!

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