A guide to eating tapas in Tenerife


Tapas originates from mainland Spain, but over the years has grown in popularity with locals and visitors to Tenerife. It’s a great way to appreciate the local, fresh food and culture together with the family when onholiday in Tenerife. Here is a guide to all you need to know about tapas and where you can find the best dishes on the island.

The origin of tapas

Deriving from the word ‘cover’, tapas was established in the 19th century when people would travel long distances over old Roman roads that were in poor condition. Those travelling would seek meals and rooms from innkeepers where the hosts would offer a sample of their dishes known as ‘tapa’, and the term is still used today as a way of describing a small portion of any kind of Spanish cuisine. A staple in Spanish cuisine, tapas is essentially a wide variety of different foods and appetisers to share with a large (or small) group of people and could be anything from meat and fish to vegetarian styles of Spanish cooking.

165938155_e6a71e285f_z  Image Credit: Super Rabbit One (flickr.com)

Tapas in Tenerife

Tapas is growing rapidly in popularity on the island of Tenerife and locals are taking their own twists on the Spanish dish. There are great specialist restaurants popping up all over Tenerife, with each part of the island offering its own unique flavour The most popular tapas dishes you would normally come across on the island include deep-fried squid, Croquetas (potato balls with a specific filling), Green Padron peppers fried in olive oil and Churros de Pescado (small goujons of white fish encased in batter).

A guide to eating tapas in Tenerife   Image Credit: Alpha (flickr.com)

If you are planning to take a holiday to Los Cristianos, make sure you check out some of the best tapas restaurants in Tenerife, such as Sal Negra, which is dedicated to preparing the most mouth-watering dishes. Their menu changes daily depending on what has been delivered fresh from the market that morning. From kebabs to fish portions, you won’t be disappointed, especially as the restaurant is located in the lively San Telmo Shopping Centre. So after you’ve had a delicious meal, head to one of the Spanish bars to dance the night away! Or if you are heading further north, La Pergola restaurant in Puerto de Santiago offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea as well as fantastic tapas. It has everything you want when exploring the sights and cuisine of Tenerife. Live music will help you relax and enjoy your holiday to Tenerife that little bit more, whether dining for dinner or stopping off for a bite for lunch.

A guide to eating tapas in TenerifeImage credit: Ben30 (flickr.com)

For those who are looking for gluten-free dining, Taberna Giron specialises in gluten free food which doesn’t limit the use of the delicious flavour of Spain. Offering a mouth-watering 10 course tapas menu and fantastic service, this restaurant caters for everyone, food allergy sufferer or not! Located on the sea front of the historic town of Candelaria in the north of Tenerife, it’s a perfect setting to enjoy fantastic food and wine. If you are travelling to the north west of the Island, be sure to check out Taberna Ramon where service and value for money, as well as the wonderful tasting tapas, is sure to please any visitor! The restaurant itself is very popular with locals and tourists, and serves old style tapas with a great range of Spanish wine. The restaurant also boasts a unique décor that can only be found in the heart of Spanish culture. Great for both lunch and dinner, serving freshly caught sardines, muscles and Empanadillas with a wide range of other tasty treats.A guide to eating tapas in TenerifeImage Credit: Nuria Farregut (flickr.com)

Main image: Image Credit: Salome Chaussure (flickr.com)


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