Discovering new hobbies in Tenerife

The world is full of people who have hobbies, whether they love to crochet, spend their weekends standing on train platforms or maybe race through swirling rapids in a flimsy canoe. Many people go abroad to pursue their hobbies, whether that is to combine a holiday with their passion or to explore their interest further.  Tenerife, for example, is a great place to go bird watching and climbing, with Mount Teide a magnet for everyone.


The Canary Isles are an attractive winter destination and masses of people go there to get away from the gloomy weather back home.  With a wide range of luxury resorts and accommodation to suit every budget, it is no surprise that Tenerife is a top year-round  sunshine destination. This island is home to many birds, in particular the canary, hence the name. Brits have been travelling to the region for a very long time to spot some of the exotic birds which call the island their home. Visitors in July have the best chance to spot seabirds and also butterflies, Canary Blue, Canary Speckled Wood and Indian Red Admiral among species present at that time of the year.  The magnificent natural landscape and foliage provides the perfect habitat.


The island is also well known for many other hobbies.  It’s a favoured spot for many climbers, boulderers and other extreme sport fans. The island’s extreme sports persona has undergone some changes in the last few years and there has been significant investment in the routes and equipment found in the area. There are many different routes on offer, so people of minimal experience can take part in the sports on offer on the island.

Caving is another popular hobby.  I spent a fascinating couple of hours exploring the Cueva del Viento; it is one of the few places you can actually walk along a lava tube and is a great way to learn about the geology of the island.


The food in the Canary Isles is generally of a high quality and there’s something for everyone.  Although a lot of food has to be imported the local dishes are excellent. You could try your hand at learning to cook as I did at theBodegas Montje. After a fascinating tour of the winery we had a lesson in making the red and green Mojo saucethat goes with the famous Patatas Arrugudas (wrinkled potatoes).


There are many different activities on offer and some of them may lead to completely new interests. So why not take a break from the cooler weather and explore great hobbies in Tenerife …

I travelled to Tenerife courtesy of Tenerife Tourism and stayed in the historic Grand Hotel Mencey in Santa Cruz.

The above  was originally posted The quirky traveller
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2 Responses to Discovering new hobbies in Tenerife

  1. David winnard says:

    Sorry quirky traveller but canary isles are named after dogs CANIS not “hence canary”

    • You and I know that David but the article is from someone who was actually PAID to stay on the island and write a review, sometimes makes you wonder do they just take the freebie and ignore the part they are being paid for 🙂

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