Celebrating Universal Children’s Day in Adeje

The borough will host a series of events on Saturday, November 19th in the Plaza César Manrique from 10am – 6pm.


 The Adeje council and the Aldeas Infantiles SOS España organisation have been working together on a special project in recent weeks and months which have been bringing together ideas and suggestions from Adeje’s younger residents about what is important in their lives, where they live, and how they can guarantee that their families are happy and living a good life.

The young people who live in Adeje have been helping with their suggestions during special classes in schools, looking for big ideas for their borough, and working on organising a day for and by children.

“What we are hoping to do with this initiative is to continue to gather contributions towards the construction of a more hopeful tomorrow for our children who are both the present and the future of our borough.  Over the last months we have been delighted to see the novel, excellent ideas that the children have come up with, many of which we will be implementing in part if not in full, for the benefit of all of the people of Adeje”, said councillor for social harmony, Zebenzui Chinea Linares.

A number of nongovernmental organisations and residents associations have also been actively involved in the project to date and will also be present on November 19th running workshops and activities related to the many different cultures and religions represented in the community as well as professionals in related fields, all working towards the one goal – putting the rich diversity that Adeje represents at the disposals of all of our young people.

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