Weather 10th November 2016 – Los Cristianos/Las Americas

It is a bright morning with a slight breeze, only noticeable by seeing the palm leaves move, but sitting here in the sunshine you would never know.  The thermometer is showing 22°C and that is, like me, in the shade.

Yesterday lunchtime we had to go up to Arona to have OH’s stitches out and the air felt damp, probably because it is higher than where we live, and  generally it was a bit gloomy up there.


On returning home, the sun was shining, and come 4.00pm it was so blindingly bright that the curtains had to be closed so we could watch ‘Tipping Point’. It didn´t look as if the folk in Puerto would have had that problem, the sky overlooking San Telmo appeared very grey.


For more info on Tenerife read the Red Queen Musings everyone’s favourite Tenerife Blog
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