Adeje’s water gets top marks


According to the latest report from the Municipal Laboratory, the unit that is charged with collecting and sending regular data to the national body in charge of drinking water, “in 2015 there was a 100% positive result on all tap water samples tested in the Adeje area “ adding that the water is fit for human consumption.  The laboratory is an arm of the Council’s health protection and quality of life department under councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo.

The councillor explained that “improvements in the water supply coupled with investment in installations and infrastructure by the Council as well as insisting on the most rigorous testing controls carried out by the Aqualia-Entemanser company have all contributed to the positive evolution of the quality of drinking water in the borough.”  The controls check water, colour, smell, taste, turbidity, conductivity, ph levels, ammonia, presence of bacteria, e-coli, minerals, etc.

Adeje is one of the Canarian boroughs that carry out continuous controls of tap water.  During 2105 there were almost 230 samples testing 44.75% samples from private homes and 55.2% from public buildings and within the commercial sector. The report also detailed the different public and privately managed water supply systems in the borough and changes introduced in recent years. Just over two thirds of the population of Adeje receive their water supply from a combination of water supplied from natural water galleries, reservoirs, and desalination plants and the other third from galleries and reservoirs only.

The councillor also stated, “The quality control of tap water for consumers is a priority for Adeje Council, meeting, as they do, all the norms and conditions and directives laid down at regional and national level to guarantee that water supplied to the consumer is healthy and clean.  The excellent results are the fruit on ongoing investment on the part of the Adeje council as well as the company charged with supply both in existing installations and new ones such as the desalination plant in La Caleta”

This is the eighth report prepared by the Laboratory since its establishment in 2007 since which time the department has been granted a certificate guaranteeing supply conforms under ISO 9001:2008 norms.  The Laboratory is regulated by rules laid down by the regional government’s department of health.


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