Is all inclusive right for you? The pros and cons

All inclusive Tenerife holidays are all the rage right now, with everyone jumping on the bandwagon and wanting hot and cold running food from morning to night. But it’s not for everyone, and while most will enjoy the experience, others will find it restricting for different reasons. Understanding what all inclusive really means will help you decide whether this is the option for you so you can make an informed decisions.

The pros

Most of everything you want is supplied and the best thing of all is that it’s already paid for so you don’t have any budgeting worries. Many people find this alone to be liberating since food and drink can comprise a big portion of the holiday fund. What you have in your pocket or purse is for pure spending money, without you having to worry about the chore of food or drink.

Often, excursions and some sporting equipment are included in with the price too, and having an itinerary that’s prearranged can prevent family arguments because someone outside the family is making the decisions. This can be an especially good argument for persuading children who change their minds about partaking in an activity at the last minute.

The cons

You’re restricted to the resort you’re booked into for all your meals and most of your entertainment. While some don’t mind this, others find it cramps their style. If you’re the type who likes to be out and about everyday, exploring your surroundings and acting on the spur on the moment, you may not like needing to go back to your own hotel every evening for your meal. Of course you don’t actually have to, but many feel that since the hotel food is paid for, they’re wasting money if they then buy food elsewhere.

If excursions are part of your deal, you may find their timetable for outings doesn’t fit in with your own plans. Again, this will mostly apply to independent types who prefer to make their own way.

If you decide you want all inclusive Tenerife has lots of variety with regard to resorts and hotels to choose from. And if you should decide that all inclusive isn’t for you then the island can offer plenty of alternative accommodation that will suit you better. Understanding your own personality and holiday needs is key to arranging the holiday that will best suit all your party.

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