Adeje/AldeasInfantiles agreement to foster development projects


Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the territorial director of AldeasInfantiles, Javier Perdomo Torres, have signed a covenant this week which works to help develop participative harmonious projects in the borough.

According to the mayor, “we are developing a plan to create spaces where children can learn and grow in diversity, and values.  We are working with schools and I believe

AldeasInfantiles are the right partners for this project.  We are working on a very participative programme and we want them to let us know what they wish to see, with the overall aim being the creation of a working plan for the Town Hall in all areas because this project is multi-departmental. We are using sport, music, culture, to create the space for harmonious co-existence, for social and human advancement.”

For his part, Javier Perdomo Torres said that “for us, this is a great opportunity to give children a proper voice and ask them what future they want to have, what kind of town and world they want to live in.  We have to learn to listen to them and think honestly about what they want and how we can make their wishes a reality while being aware of  the starting point we are at for this change.  From the moment the children begin to be part of that change and are driving the change we are at the start of a very important programme that will enrich everyone.”

The covenant looks to encourage the development or the participative process among children and communities, placing a value on human diversity and social existence in Adeje through the evolution of talks, meetings, and workshops, in the community and education arenas, and in co-ordination with different associations and collectives

The plan will also include an annual general meeting, a Children’s Day, with all the relevant groups and individuals taking part in the project sharing results and working on concrete action plans.

The Adeje Council will give the AldeasInfantiles organisation a project space in the Security and Conviviality school to develop the programme which is scheduled to last for a year, with the possibility of an extension depending upon the results.



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