Remembering the Hungarian 1956 rebellion in Adeje

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This Saturday, October 22nd Adeje will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian October 23rd revolution and fight for liberty in a series of acts taking place in the Adeje Convento, the Plaza de España and the Santa Úrsula church.  The events are open to the public.

Attending the official commemoration ceremony at 11am in the Convento will be Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the honorary Hungarian consul, Nóra Henriette Hermann-Boér.

Following the end of WWII many countries in Central Europe were subjected to the rigours of the Soviet dictatorship.  In Hungary, against the wishes of the local population, following fraudulent elections, a Moscow-backed government was installed and instigated a lengthy period of censorship, hardship, expropriation of private property, persecutions, intimidation, and internment in gulags.

On October 23rd 1956 a group of students in Budapest (the ‘boys of Pest’) decided to rebel, and rose up, gaining public and subsequently local political support, to fight for Hungarian liberty.  The rebellion was short lived, and two weeks later the Soviet tanks rolled in bringing reprisals, executions, imprisonment and also causing over 193,000 Hungarians to flee the country, with many of those ending up in Spain.  Independence did finally arrive in 1990, but ‘the boys of Pest’ have never been forgotten no has their sacrifice for Hungarian liberty.

Today up to 300 Hungarians are living in Adeje, and they and members of the public are invited to join in the celebrations on Saturday October 22rd.  At 11am there will be an official act in the Convento in Hungarian and Spanish, and at 12 noon there will be a showing of the film The Real Puskás (in English with Spanish subtitles) about the Hungarian footballer and manager who subsequently took Spanish nationality, and played both for Real Madrid and Spain in the 60s.

At 2pm there will be performances in the Plaza de España by young Hungarians living in the islands and a folk group made up of members of the Association of Hungarians in the Canaries.  Events culminate at 6pm mass in the Santa Úrsula church will be offered for the victims of the revolution.


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