What do our young people want?

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Adeje Youth Centre, activities are being organised for the borough’s younger residents.  During the second half of October there will be a series of leisure and learning events designed “to meet the needs of our young people in an ongoing way and in a way that meets their needs and gives them space for their ideas”, says the councilor with responsibility for the area, Zebenzui Chinea Linares.


Activities begin tomorrow with a workshop on videogame development. This is a four hour training event where the participants will learn about the creative tools, use of information and technical programmes, etc. The course is for those aged 14+.  On Saturday October 22nd an event paying homage to Granadilla man Isaac de Vega takes place.  He was born in 1920 and contributed to the Canarian writing boom, with his emblematic book,”Fetasa”.

On Sunday October 23rd participants can enjoy a walk through the northern borough of La Esperanza. This is a four hour ramble, medium difficulty level, and will be followed by a workshop on the traditional ‘Salto del Pastor’, a rural practice in the Canarias, with a talk on the activity and the legends and myths of the region.

On Saturday October 29th there will be a mountain bike event “Chinyero – Arenas Negras” in the El Tanque borough as part of a series of activities encouraging young people to practice alternative activities and move away from consumerism.

Finally, until the last day of the month, the Youth Centre is running an exhibition “Ser y Durar” (“to be and to last”) of 23 photographs related to Parkour (a discipline using movements developed from military obstacle course training).  The photographs have been taken by and feature members of the ‘Constant Motion’ youth collective who have been practicing this sport in Adeje for five years. This exhibition is, say the organisers, designed to show that training is about much more than jumping a ditch or scaling a wall, it’s about respect, caring for the environment as well, a space where people can work to improve themselves. It’s also a sport that requires technique, discipline, strength and consistency.


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