Live Longer and Reduce Heart Disease in the Canary Islands

Most people believe that a healthy diet should mean that life expectancy will be extended and common diseases of the heart should be reduced. Well, animal dieticians at Loro Parque Zoo in Tenerife have examined scientific studies to improve the health of their seven gorillas by feeding them with gofio – a traditional flour made from maize that is regularly eaten by local human Canarians.

Zoological experts across the world have shown significant interest in this gofio diet for gorillas, as gofio served as a cereal is shown to reduce coronary artery disease and prolongs the age of gorillas to remain active and healthy over long-term periods.

It might seem surprising to some, but gorillas at Loro Parque have a big appetite and each eat around half a kilo of gofio or roasted maize flour every day. Gorilla breakfast at this zoo consists of gofio mixed with water, and soya milk, and then they continue to snack on gofio balls throughout the rest of the day, and possible night time snacks as well. The gorillas certainly enjoy their healthy diet, and now look forward to a longer, more active life, and with healthier hearts.

Animal dieticians in other zoos around the world are monitoring the success of this gofio diet for gorillas, and the Canary Islands could soon be exporting more gofio to improve the diets of all captive gorillas. This healthy diet could also catch on with more humans too!


The above  was originally posted News from the Canaries
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