51 drownings in the Canary Islands

There have already been 51 deaths recorded by drowning in the Canary Islands this year, between January and September, according to the National Drowning Report released by the Spanish lifeguard Federation.

In the first nine months of 2016, a total of 361 people died in Spain from drowning, which is forty more than in 2015.

The report states that 57.3% of cases, 207 deaths, occurred throughout the summer, between June and September. In September 36 people lost their lives, eleven fewer than during the same month of 2015.

By Autonomous Communities, the Balearic Islands recorded seven fatalities, and Catalonia six, totaling more than a third of those who died by drowning over the summer. In the Canary Islands there was 4 fatalities.

Six communities account for more than 74% of deaths in aquatic areas from January to September: Galicia, with 59 deaths, Andalusia (57), Canarias (51), Valencia (41), Balearic Islands (33) and Catalonia (28).

In 2015,  412 people died in Spain, 62 of them in Canarian waters, and the figure has tripled in six years.

According to the National Drowning Report, the profile of the average victim is male (80.1% of the 361 drownings so far this year were men), Spanish (74.5%), 45 years of age and over (61.5%), and of those who died 55.4% of the drownings have occurred on a beach.

What do you think about the official videos about safety in water areas?

The above  was originally posted The Canary News
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