Traditions mark the end of the Adeje Patron Fiestas 2016

Traditional activities mark the end of the 2016 Adeje Patron Fiestas. On Saturday October 15th at 9pm the XXXII Adeje Folklore Festival takes place, organised by the Adeje Municipal Folklore School. This year the running theme is the link between popular music and traditional, and this year will also feature the relationship between the music of the Canarias and America.

Also taking part in the Folklore Festival are Ignoce de Araya, Chajoigo de Barranco Hondo and Achamán and at the end of the folklore performances the Sabrosa orchestra will end the night with a street party in the Plaza.

The traditional Romería will put the finishing touches to the Fiestas. Activities begin at 10am on Sunday October 16th with the Farm Fair in the small plaza just behind the Hacienda offices and the main post office. At 11 Mass will be sung by the Adeje Municipal Folklore Group followed by the offering of farm products to the church patrons.

The Romería itself will begin at 1pm, leaving from the Adeje Health Centre and moving up the Calle Grande to the Santa Úrsula Church with 13 carts taking place and bringing gifts to the Virgin of the Incarnation, Santa Úrsula and San Sebastián, the patrons of the borough.

Anyone who wishes to take part in the Romería itself should come along in traditional Canarian dress. Please do respect the security orders of the local police.

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