Periplo Festival in Puerto de la Cruz

From October 10th to 16th poets and dreamers travel to Puerto de la Cruz and share their adventures. The International Festival of Travel Literature and Adventure returns to the city to feed our hunger of discovering other cultures and countries.

Cartel Festival Periplo 2016

Activities Periplo 2016

Under the umbrella of travel literature different versions of artistic activities will take place during the Periplo Festival: book presentations, interviews, lectures, concerts, exhibitions, guided tours, dance and theater workshops. We will travel through a cocktail of experiences through the voice of the the world travellers and writers.

Periplo 2016 programme

Suelta de libros.Periplo

Puerto Street Art

Puerto Street Art deserves a special mention, the open-air museum that grows year after year with each edition of Periplo. The walls of the city, mainly the neighborhood of La Ranilla, come alive with large murals created by local, national and international artists such as Liqen, Pichi & Avo or the local artist Juliana.

Puerto Street Art

This edition the muralist Sebas Velasco will paint in Puerto de la Cruz. He is a renowned artist with several awards and works on different continents.

Sevas Belasco.Mural

Periplo has established itself as a unique festival. More information Periplo Festival 2016

The above  was originally posted Puerto Xperience
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