How to survive Tenerife nightlife

Tenerife is a gorgeous island, full of exotic wildlife and it boasts a majestic coastline. Throughout the day there is plenty of activity with countless water sports to try out and people about exploring the natural landscape and when the sun goes down the lively atmosphere continues. A huge draw of Tenerife Canary holidays is the social nightlife and atmosphere that fills the island but, unless you’re a teenager, partying through until the early hours might not be as easy as it once was. So how do you survive Tenerife nightlife when you want to experience the bars and late night music scene in your 30s and beyond? Here we take you through a few tips that ensure that you can really make the most of your Tenerife holiday, without spending your days taking advantage of the blackout blinds in your hotel room.


Where to go
First off, it is important to think about what type of bars and clubs you would like to go to during your holiday.  Playa de las Américas is often the Tenerife destination of choice for night owls as it offers the largest selection of bars and is renowned for a superior night scene. Nightlife is spread around the resort and includes the Veronicas Strip, Starco Commercial Centre and the Patch. Starco and the Patch are said to have more bars and a livelier atmosphere and Starco is home to what many argue is the most famous club on the island – Tramps Tenerife. Nicknamed King of Clubs, it plays house music and regularly hosts popular DJs, making it the place to go if you want to be out until the early hours.

For something a little more relaxed, Kaluna Beach Club is ranked number four on TripAdvisor for Tenerife nightlife and number one for things to do in Playa de las Américas. Described as the perfect place to relax with a cocktail in hand, it offers the best of what Tenerife has to offer – tranquillity and entertainment. Los Cristianos is another great party destination in the south of the island, with the San Telmo area proving popular with party-goers. The Claddagh Irish Bar in Los Cristianos is ranked number one in TripAdvisor for Tenerife nightlife and The Penny Farthing in the same resort comes in at number three, suggesting south is best when it comes to a vibrant and entertaining holiday in Tenerife.

A good night’s rest
With all this partying it is important to remember to get a good night’s sleep too. While you may want to stay out late and make the most of Tenerife nightlife, you will hate to miss out on the many great activities that you can enjoy during the day. So aim to get at least five to six hours sleep a night otherwise you might be needing another holiday on your return! You may struggle to get to sleep if it is a climate that you’re not used to, and this may be made worse by the extra mojito! The National Sleep Foundation released this article that gives plenty of tips for sleeping in a hot climate, such as a fan, light bed clothes and drinking enough water before bed, this is also important if you have had a few drinks throughout the evening as alcohol dehydrates you. So be sure to have a pint of water before bed to avoid waking up too early from a dry mouth.

Well fed
While of course keeping hydrated is one of the most important things to remember when trying to survive Tenerife nightlife, what you eat during your stay is important too. The buffet-style meals supplied by the hotel may seem alluring but be sure to take it easy and limit your choices to a few items that make up a conventional meal rather than a little bit off every plate. This will help you avoid feeling sluggish and help you make the most of your time, throughout the day and night. That being said, do not avoid food either. You may not feel like eating huge meals in such heat but if you plan on having a couple of drinks at night it is important to ensure that you have eaten enough. Alcohol diffuses through the walls of the stomach very quickly and, the less food you have consumed, the less time it takes for alcohol to enter your blood stream. The food of choice? Opt for something with natural fat content as this will help slow down the rate at which food leaves the stomach. Something like salmon or avocado makes for a good choice before heading to the cocktail bar

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