Authentic Tenerife Arts and Crafts Fairs


One of the many benefits of choosing Tenerife as a holiday destination is the broad appeal that the island holds. Whether you want to visit it for its beaches, warm climate, shopping, scenery, or to enjoy the many outdoor pursuits, Tenerife has got something for every taste. For an authentic Canarian experience, Tenerife Arts and Crafts fairs are the perfect addition to your holiday on this fantastic island. Far from simply catering for tourists, Tenerife proudly holds on to many of its traditions and ways of life, and this is evident throughout the island. If you’re seeking authentic Tenerife holidays, the arts and crafts fairs are an ideal place to start.

A Thriving Arts And Crafts Scene

Many people may not realise it, but Tenerife actually enjoys a thriving arts and crafts scene. This can be seen in the sheer number of local Tenerife arts and crafts fairs that you can find all over the island, at different times of the year.

Arts and crafts fairs come in all shapes and sizes, where local artisans display traditional, hand-made items that showcase a wide range of creative talents. Many of the items that you can buy at the local arts and crafts fairs are not simply individual artisan creations, but are based upon ancient Canarian traditions, that have been passed down from generation to generation.

What Can You Expect To Find?

At typical Tenerife arts and crafts fairs, you are likely to find a wide range of local, hand produced goods, including ceramics, embroidery, woodwork, straw and leather items, as well as jewellery and original works of art.

Many of the fairs also feature stalls where you can buy traditional food and drink, and there may even be live performances, such as singing and dancing, with locals dressed in traditional costume. In many cases, a farmers’ market will be attached to the arts and crafts fair, wherein you can pick up delicious, fresh produce.

Why Go To Tenerife Arts and Crafts Fairs?

Tenerife arts and crafts fairs are normally extremely well attended, both by locals and tourists. If you’re looking for a unique souvenir, either for yourself, or as a gift to take home, one of these fairs makes for a great place in which to find something of interest.

By purchasing locally made items, not only are you helping to support the traditions and people of the island, but you will find it to be far more rewarding buying items that you know have not been mass produced elsewhere. If you’re seeking authentic Tenerife holidays, this adds a certain cachet to the experience.

Where Can I Find Tenerife Arts and Crafts Fairs?

The Artesania de Tenerife is an organisation promoting arts and crafts fairs on the island, where artisans are officially recognised with a special artisan card. It organises a whole line up of arts and crafts fairsthroughout the year.

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