Six reasons Tenerife is such good fun

With a whole world at your feet when it comes to low cost holidays Tenerife deserves to be at the top of your investigation short list. Here are just six reasons why:

All generations

Some holiday destinations are deliberately marketed towards specific generations, such as those aimed at the 18 – 30 party set, for instance. While Tenerife has plenty to offer in the way of all-night fun and games for the energetic, there is also plenty to attract those with more relaxed desires. From museums, country walks, promenade strolls and historical sites to botanical gardens, wine tasting and scenic coach tours, there’s something here for everyone.

Wall to wall sunshine

Its tropical location off the west coast of Africa practically guarantees the perfect climate at any time of year. While it’s something lacking in many holidays Tenerife has sunshine in spades. Even in winter, the south coast has an average temperature during the day that hovers in the high teens.

Marvellous meals

All over the island are restaurants that cater for all types of taste, offering a huge range of styles in cooking from fine dining international menus to fast and furious burger joints. At any time of the day or night, food is never far away and with the Spanish culture of welcoming children parents will find plenty of opportunities for family dining.

Family entertainment

From hotel entertainment that’s exclusive to guests to great days out for all the family, there’s never a shortage of stuff do to. Visit a theme park, go on safari, take a boat trip or just laze on the beach or by the pool. Many of the larger resort hotels offer kids clubs too, so parents can grab an hour or two to themselves now and then.

Diverse adventure activities

Sometimes you want to do something really different that will set the holiday apart. How about a jeep safari or a ride on a camel, getting up close and personal with monkeys or taking part in a fiesta or carnival.

Learning for fun

The more you know the more fun you can have. Visiting an island like Tenerife where there is so much natural and beautiful marine life is enough to make you wish you could scuba dive. On Tenerife, you can learn and have all the equipment you need to hand while you do so. Or maybe you’d like to take advantage of some of the waves on certain beaches and learn to surf. That’s possible too. There’s no excuse for not coming home with more skills than you had when you left.

Are you convinced yet? For low cost holidays Tenerife is a hard act to beat. And the best thing of all it’s all on one small island so you’re never far from the activity you most want to do.

The above  was originally posted Cheap Holidays Tenerife
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