After the conquest of Tenerife by the Castilians, a prominent family of Genoese merchants, the Lercaro family, settled on the island. This surname is associated to one of the most mysterious stories of the Canary Islands: the ghost of the Lercaro Mansion.

Catalina, daughter of this wealthy family, was forced to enter into a marriage of convenience in favour of her father’s financial interests. She was made to marry a rich nobleman of the island, much older than her and with a reputation for being high-handed. On her wedding day, Catalina decided to take her own life by throwing herself into the well of the mansion. The body was recovered, but the rules of the Catholic Church did not allow her to be buried in a Christian cemetery. The family decided to bury her in one of the rooms of the mansion and, since then, there are those who claim that they have seen the ghost of young Catalina roaming the rooms and corridors of the building.

Nowadays, the Lercaro Mansion, in Calle San Agustín 22, receives many visitors and is one of the centres of the History and Anthropology Museum.

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