The beaches of Arona, and the rescue workers


Students of PFAE Lifesaving Arona participates in a ‘raid of resistance and guidance’ to demonstrate their skills

Yesterday a group of Lifesavers were seen running around the beach areas of Arona, and even municipal sailing school, rescuing drowning, and injury people, all to the surprise of many tourists. However, it was not a black day on the beaches, but a test designed to measure the skills of our future experts in water rescue.

On September 12th Las Vistas, Los Cristianos and El Camisón welcomed raid resistance and orientation, a test for 15 young people from Arona who since January have been preparing to be lifeguards through the Programa de Formación en Alternancia con el Empleo (PFAE).

The director of PFAE, Teresa Martinez, explained that students had to overcome various tests for rescue and first aid. They had to find the keys (coloured bracelets) assigned hidden throughout this stretch of aronero coastline with only a map and an area in which to search.

These eight keys lead to specific tests of simulated rescue and first aid at various points, and appropriate actions have been studied and practiced during training. As examples, the garnet key was hidden in the beacons and led to a test rescue of a victim in Los Cristianos, while the yellow was located at the sailing school and pointed to attention needed for a spinal cord injury.

Throughout this summer these 15 young people from Arona have developed the practical part of the work by being directly involved with people involved in municipal ‘Summer Activities for Seniors and Children’.

The students, all under 30 years, had obtained certification such as the use of semiautomatic external defibrillator or lifeguard on blue flag beaches. This has allowed the young unemployed, a 9-month contract, and a certificate of professionalism to facilitate their future employment.

The program, which is a dual system of theoretical and practical training has also meant hiring teachers and, in total, has cost €209,830.74, of which 197,607.28 was subsidized by the Canarian Employment Service.


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