Pisaca Fest – Program of events in La Toscal

The City of Santa Cruz has scheduled various events for the 1st Edition of Pisaca Fest, which will be held in the neighbourhood of La Toscal, between 17th and 23rd September.

Image La Opinión

Image La Opinión

The event kicks-off on Saturday 17th between 10:00 and 23:00 at the sports field and will bring together different musical, culinary and children’s activities.

Younger guests can play on inflatables, for children aged between two and 5 years, an elephant and a magic dragon. For those between 6 and 13 years an inflatable toy library with carpeted area, slide, swings and bouncy balls as well as face painting workshops, balloon twisting and paper flowers. Other planned workshops are how to make a magic wand and magic potions.

There will also be participation from the characters of the cartoon series Canine Patrol namely Ryder, Chase, Marshall and Rocky and amongst various groups, Kalima, Solfatara, and Hydra 2.0 will provide live music.

The members of Tenerife Imperial Force will perform a show, a saga based on the film Star Wars and there will be a people dressed as zombies from Apocalypse Fest.

The foodies can taste different products throughout the day from the five food trucks that will be taking part in the event.

For Wednesday 21st at 18:00 there is a folk festival in the Almeyda quarter, where there will be performances from La Peña.

On Monday and Thursday there will be a concert by the Municipal Band.

Friday 23rd at 19:30 the tradition, revived two years ago, will be to remember the customs of the inhabitants of El Toscal and acknowledge the protection that gave the city during the attack by Admiral Horatio Nelson. At 20.00 a bouquet will be placed before the cross of St Augustine in remembrance of the deceased of the area and at 20.15 a procession will tour the area.


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