1.Pitanga. This fruit (Eugenia uniflora) looks like a miniature pumpkin, with tight segments making up a small, flattened oval in orange, tomato red or even purple. It has an intense, moderately acid and herby flavour; the large pip is surrounded by a delicious, thin coat of juicy pulp. It can be found in Farmers’ Markets such as the one in Güímar.

Foto vía Wikipedia Commons: Guilherme Barbaresco

2. Fleur de sel from Fuencaliente. This is a product of high culinary quality which, although from La Palma, is highly appreciated in Tenerife on account of the fineness of the flakes, with a unique delicacy resulting from its crystallisation and harvesting. This is a gourmet product that can compete with other foremost varieties such as those of Maldon or the Himalaya.

Foto vía Wikipedia Commons: Bernhard Hecker

3. Quesadillas.
Just like the fleur de sel, the quesadilla – from El Hierro – is one of those sweet treats which are favourites on all the islands. It is prepared in a flower or star shaped mould and its characteristic flavour is provided by local cheese. Fábrica Adrián Gutiérrez e Hijas began production in 1900, and nowadays continues to prepare these handmade pastries in a wood-fired oven.

Foto vía Wikipedia Commons: Alberto Hugo Rojas

Rabbit in spicy ‘salmorejo’ sauce

Foto vía Instagram. @ayletseidel

1kilo rabbit
6 garlic cloves
A pinch of paprika
1 hot pepper
Glass of white wine
Bay leaf


Cut the rabbit into largish pieces, place in a bowl and salt lightly. Crush the garlic cloves with some kitchen salt, add the paprika and hot pepper to this paste and continue to mix with a pestle. When smooth, add a generous dash of oil and another, less generous, dash of vinegar. Mix well. Pour the mixture over the rabbit and turn the pieces around to coat them all over. Then add a glass of white wine and the bay leaf, some rosemary and some thyme.

Once the pieces are well coated, leave for a few hours (between four and twelve is recommended). Afterwards, take pieces of rabbit and place in a frying pan to fry.

In another pan heat the left over oil from the frying, with the marinating sauce for a few minutes until ready to serve.

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