Tenerife’s natural swimming pools

It is a common sight to see a natural swimming pool on the island of Tenerife. The reason is that most of the coastline of the island is jagged and dotted with sharp and dangerous rocks.

The beaches, though some of them are amazingly beautiful, are often rocky and dangerous for swimming. And last but not least – large ocean waves are something you see pretty often here.

All of the natural swimming pools on the island are located on the coast itself. They are filled with clean pristine ocean water and are constructed into the black volcanic rocks. The water in these pools is, of course, always calm.

They are a good choice for tourists with small children who want to provide them a safe environment to enjoy contact with the Atlantic Ocean.

An advantage of the natural swimming pools on the island of Tenerife is that the seawater in them is often a bit warmer by comparison to the ocean. Of course, you cannot expect a large difference only a degree or two. In addition, you can find them everywhere, especially in areas where there are no sandy beaches. They have a variety of forms but always fit amazingly well in the natural environment of the island.

These pools offer you the opportunity to enjoy the seawater in complete safety while feeling the spray of the crashing ocean waves next to you.

The above  was originally posted Touristmaker
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