€203 Million to implement the port project at Guia de Isora

News published on August 31, 2016 – The Cabildo of Tenerife valued the “very positive” interest of Guia de Isora in the development and construction of a port at Fonsalía with the addition of a municipal representative, to advance this project, on the working committee.

The general coordinator of Tourism and Strategic Projects, Miguel Becerra said “there is no objection” by the Council to be integrated into the committee that will study, from a legal and technical standpoint, the obstacles that are hindering the construction of this facility, and who will also analyse alternatives for financing the project.

According to Becerra, the council considers the project, whose implementation has been continually delayed by the state’s refusal to approve the use of land where the work is to be carried out “a strategic action for maritime communications between the western islands”.

The aim is to move operations performed in Los Cristianos to Fonsalía. The port of Los Cristianos can then be used for nautical, fishing and leisure activities and revitalize tourism in Arona.

The basic project has a budget of 203 million euros that could be financed with funds from the Trans-European Transport Network. The development is now more feasible due to the construction of the insular ring road, which has a direct link to the port.

Justification for the new port is the significant increase in traffic in Los Cristianos that has tripled its number of passengers since 1989, from 540,610 to 1,409,693 in 2012, which highlights the lack of facilities. A fact highlighted when trying to attract cruise or inter-island ferry operators connecting the various islands. These deficiencies also affect the quality of services, and control of boats at anchor. In addition, there are the traffic problems generated in the town. To resolve the situation would mean expanding the port at Los Cristianos something that is very difficult due to the physical limitations of the environment.

The project company announced on its website that the new port would have:

Four berths for ferries, 1 for large tourist cruisers, and a sport dock with capacity for 470 yachts lengths between 6 and 40 m.

We can also see the project completed in all its phases.

The above  was originally posted Sur de Tenerife
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