Laying the first stone of the motor circuit in Atogo

For many a dream fulfilled. Motorbike Magazine witnessed the symbolic act of laying the first stone of the Circuit de Tenerife. Monday August 29 is certainly a historic moment for lovers of speed and is the jumpstart to building the future Motor Circuit de Tenerife.

The future Centro Insular del Motor (the official name) will covers a circuit of 4,068 kilometres, meeting approval from the Federation of Motorsports (FIA) and Motorcycling (FIM) and Formula 1, MotoGP or SBK testing may be carried out.

The circuit is located in Atogo, within the municipality of Granadilla de Abona and close to Tenerife Sur Airport, a strategic location that will also serve to host other events such as fairs and concerts.

The company Kiti Trans has been awarded the project and a private investment of 39 million euros has been budgeted, that also includes the creation of access from the North. Work will be carried out over the next 22 months, although some sources consulted by MBK say they believe it may even be less time.

The circuit will have similar characteristics to the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari located in Imola (Italy). You will have an 819m stretch of ten left – handers and five rights with a width of between 12 and 15 meters and it is estimated to be able to reach top speeds of 312 km / h for F1. The infrastructure will have 4,000 parking spaces and seats for the public. In addition, teams will have parking for 2,000 cars, 60 buses and 20 trucks.

For more details, full story can be found HERE

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