Arona’s Animals Census

The Arona Pet Census has a total of 2,399 dogs and 9 cats registered at present. 137 licenses have been processed for potentially dangerous breeds; a very low figure given the population for Arona is more than 90,000 people.

Registration is compulsory, not only because it is a policy issue but knowing the number of pets in the area is essential for designing infrastructure such choosing the best location for pet parks, health warnings to pet owners and even improving the service of collecting abandoned animals.

The Councillor for the Environment, Yurena Garcia, said that “registering” the pet is not only free but also easy. It is only necessary to present the health card, the microchip number, and the last vaccination against rabies in any of the Culture Centres in the municipality.

She said, “We are very grateful to the people who understand the importance of ensuring the rights of animals and this measure is essential to progress on this path, but we need to reach all those who, through ignorance, or lack of knowledge have not registered their pet”.

The Ordenanza Municipal de la Protección y Tenencia de Animales de Compañía y Animales Potencialmente Peligrosos, adopted in 2008, this requirement, which is set out in Royal Decree 287/2002, of 22 March. It states that it is a serious offence if you do not have a license in the case of potentially dangerous breeds and pets should always be on a collar and lead (muzzle for potentially dangerous) when on public roads.

Depending on the gravity of the offence, penalties can range from 30.05 to 1502.53 euros.


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2 Responses to Arona’s Animals Census

  1. Sue Lanzarote says:

    I would be very interested to how many actually do not register their pets. I think a lot of education is needed in the Canary Islands not only registering your pet but also pet welfare. Also owners l take doggy bags with them when they walk pets to pick up poo.

    • I have to admit we haven´t registered ours, I thought it was just for dangerous dogs, but we will do it when in town tomorrow. We do always carry poo bags so on that count we can hold our heads high. I have been known to hand one to another dog walker when they have looked as if they are going to just carry on walking 😦

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