Going All-Inclusive With The Girls

How often is it that you actually get a chance to really relax, without partners, kids, pets, work and everything else? We’re guessing it’s not so often. Whether you’re in your late teens or your seventies, getting away from it all and spending time with your girlfriends on an all-inclusive holiday could be just the tonic you need!

So, why not grab a few mates and head off to Tenerife? There’s a good chance that, in addition to all the relaxation, sun, sea and sangria, on an all-inclusive holiday, you’ll have a whale of a time!

Why Go For An All-Inclusive Holiday?

Well, if relaxation and a worry-free holiday is what you’re craving, then all-inclusive is just the obvious choice! All your meals, all your drinks, everything you need is right there, all included in the price of your trip. If that’s not reason in itself, and you’re concerned you’re going to want to head out on some excursions, or for a night out on the tiles, then you can definitely still do that. It’s just… y’know… not obligatory.

What Kind of All-Inclusive Holiday Should We Choose?

If you and your girlfriends are escaping all the noise and clamour of taking care of the kids, or even if you’re not parents yourselves, there are plenty of all-inclusive resorts for adults only. This can only be a blessing when you’re sunning yourself by the pool, and don’t want to listen to the sound of screaming infants, or get splashed by kids bombing into the water.  You may like to choose an all-inclusive resort in Tenerife that has spa facilities. Yes, that’s right… spa facilities. What could be better than getting totally chilled out with a soothing massage or facial, before wandering out to the bar for a cheeky cocktail?

Activities on an All-Inclusive Holiday with The Girls

If you get bored with all the lazing around, then there are still plenty of opportunities for a bit of fun on your all-inclusive Tenerife break. See if your resort offers watersports… after all, the hilariousness of riding a banana boat with your bezzies is hard to forget!Many all-inclusive resorts also offer excursions to nearby places of interest. Why not plan a little shopping trip to Santa Cruz, or an exploratory trek around Mount Tiede National Park?

There’s also nothing to stop you hiring a taxi, or taking the bus, to a local nightspot. Whether Playa de las Americas is your thing, or you fancy a more sophisticated night out in Puerto de la Cruz, you don’t need to miss out just because you’ve gone all-inclusive. Check out our guide to nightlife in Tenerife to help you plan your big night out!

Other Benefits of Going All-Inclusive on a Girls’ Holiday

Let’s face it, whether you like it or not, groups of girls on holiday do get a bit of extra attention. Of course, that’s not always welcome in bars (or even by the pool – who amongst us doesn’t have a tale of a creepy guy in Speedos strutting their stuff for our benefit?) it can come in handy if you’re hoping to save a few euros on drinks or club entry. Use your girls-on-tour status to your advantage, and you may find yourself in for some unexpected treats! That being said, it always pays to be cautious, and look out for one another wherever you go.Aside from this, the many benefits of getting away with your girlfriends are priceless. Not only will you come back with a new lease of life, with lots of fun memories, you’ll strengthen those bonds with your best girl friends, spending some quality time that often gets hard to find in everyday life.

So pack your best bikini and book your girly holiday – heaven knows you deserve it!


The above  was originally posted cheap-holidays-tenerife.com
For more info on Tenerife read the Red Queen Musings everyone’s favourite Tenerife Blog
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