International Folklore Festival Arona

Participating groups: Mirko Akud Srzentic (Montenegro), Yacambú (Folklore Venezolano) and the School of Folklore Arona.

Akud “Mirko Srzentic” was founded in April 1965 through the initiative of students and university professors “Veljko Vlahovic”. At this time it is the only academic folk ensemble in Montenegro. However, thanks to the enthusiasm and effort of the young Montenegrins, “Mirko Srzentic” is considered one of the most famous and popular in the country today.

This group presents the cultural heritage not only of Montenegro, but also of the former Yugoslavia in a precise and appropriate manner; thus achieving numerous awards and being presented with prizes at various festivals in countries like Russia, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Greece, the United States, Canada, China, Brazil. Although 43 years have passed since its foundation, this group is still making new fans and admirers of the Montenegrin folklore thanks to the harmonious music and the diversity of the costumes of the dancers.

FOLK GROUP Yacambú (Venezuelan Folklore)

For nine years, the folklore group Yacambú has offered its audience a selection of Venezuelan folk dance. Nestor Rodriguez Sierra, the director, has offered an increasingly enthusiastic audience unexpected routines and traditional steps and exciting rhythms revitalized thanks to perfectly trained dancers of classic folklore of Venezuela.


The Group MUNICIPAL SCHOOL OF FOLKLORE OF ARONA born in 1987 on the initiative of the Board of Culture of Ilustre Municipality of Arona, as a means of expressing the rich cultural and ethnographic heritage of the town and the Canary Islands. The Municipal School of Folklore, has a wide repertoire which distinguishes each of our islands in a composition of different shows.

Hours: 21:00 30th July  Location:  Auditorium Infanta Leonor Price: Free / Limited seating Entrance

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