Council meet with electric scooter businesses

07/25/2016 14:45

In accordance with the national law, Arona has specified that these vehicles can only be used by people with disabilities in pedestrian areas.

The City of Arona, today met with business operators of electric scooters to explain the tightening of controls on these vehicles and make it clear that they can only be used in pedestrian zones, not on the road, and are restricted to persons with either temporary or permanent reduced mobility.

Given the problems for the safety of pedestrians the Council have, since last Friday tightened controls, and are now in the final stages of approving a municipal solution for all pedestrian areas of the town.

The meeting was attended by the mayor, José Antonio Reveron; Councilman for Works and Services, José Luis González; Councillor for Tourism, David Perez, and Councillor for Finance, Raquel Garcia as well as twenty businesses. It was made clear that Arona has had a specific regulation on these vehicles for years and that from April 2015 to June 27th, the local police had impounded 274 electric scooters, in addition to over thirty this month.

They announced to those present that a new regulation based on the current reality, would be drafted. This will be based on studies that include reports from the public and the Council have an extensive file on this activity.

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