Botanical Garden implements free audio guide via mobile devices

The Botanical Garden of Puerto de la Cruz has launched a free audio guide that offers visitors information in different languages on the botanical treasures of the centre, run by the Canarian Institute of Agricultural Research (ICIA).

The system is based on QR codes that allow access to oral presentations on plant species and it is only necessary to have a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) connected to the Internet and have an application for reading these symbols, most of these can be installed free of charge. It also, facilitates access to information through NFC chips.

The gardens have created a total of 20 points with access to audio information that tell stories and anecdotes of the facility, the second oldest Garden of Spain. This is currently available to visitors in Spanish, English and German, but in the future will expand the range of languages if necessary.

The garden, with an average of 200,000 visits a year, offers visitors a unique botanical experience however, the proposed ICIA is enriching these visits so that users are receiving historical, scientific and cultural value of the virtues of the centre.

“New technologies and universal access to smartphones devices as well as the availability of data offers the possibility of a swift and free adds value to the visit,” said the president of the Institute, Nazareth Diaz.

In addition it is planned to implement a system that provides access usage statistics service. This will reveal the number of interactions that occur at each point, providing additional information about days and times of access, the type of device used, requested language, etc., in order to  assess new complementary initiatives for tourists.

The first weekend of its launch, more than a hundred visitors have used this service.


The above  was originally posted Gobierno de Canarias
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2 Responses to Botanical Garden implements free audio guide via mobile devices

  1. I was there last weekend and I spotted these. They are very informative to listen to. I only found about 8 of QR code though.

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