‘Where are my Taxes?’

Arona will be the first municipality in the Canary Islands to allow citizens to access all budgetary and economic performance data in a simple, interactive, and highly visual manner.

All information will be posted on the Municipal Transparency Portal and will allow citizens to understand spending and investment, thanks to the tool “Where are my taxes”.

Councillor for Transparency and Public Participation, José Antonio Reveron, explains that work on this application had already begun by collecting all the data since 2013. In addition to municipal budgets, the statement of expenditure and income and payments to suppliers are included.

“We are working to be a transparent administration because we understand that we must not only comply with the law, but a municipality such as Arona should go further, Reveron said and “the first step to achieving this is that access to information is effective and offered in a clear and understandable manner.” The presentation of economic and financial information as a PDF or similar formats make viewing and understanding difficult, “hence we have opted for an effective system that is also easy for people without previous experience in consulting budgets to understand.

To achieve this, Arona has chosen the prestigious Citizens Foundation CIVIO organization, www.civio.es a non-profit organization working to achieve real transparency and open access to public data.

This web project will have a total cost of €17,334 (€16,200 plus IGIC) and CIVIO use data provided by the City of Arona to show an overview of the budgets, the evolution of budgetary policies and municipal program spending in detail and execution. The website also has a search engine that can filter result for years or find specific items of expenditure.

The project will build on the tool “Where are my taxes” that CIVIO already use with the regional governments of the Basque Country, Aragon and Murcia, as well as numerous municipalities. The work of CIVIO in the public sector has been recognized internationally with awards such as the Best non-public initiative of transparency in 2014 and 2015 (Open Knowledge Foundation), the iRedes 2015.

The software tool is expected to be available in October, although informal meetings are currently being held every week with municipal associations to explain the operation. In addition, this year the Code of Good Governance of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) will be implemented, as “an important tool to restore confidence and introduce ethics at a local level,” he says.


Source: Canarias 24 Horas
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