10 Secret Beaches of Tenerife

Hidden beaches of Tenerife! You can´t get there by car, you need to walk or go by boat.

Playa Antequera
There are the only two ways to reach this wonderful hidden beach on the coast of Anaga, walking from Igueste (or from Chamorga) or boat.

Playa of Ocadila.
Also in Anaga, but this time on the north side is the beach Ocadila. To which you can reach by boat (or kayak) from La Punta del Hidalgo.

Photo: Instagram @Ralobiza

Playa de Diego Hernandez.
Known as Caleta de los Hippies located between El Puertito of Adeje and La Caleta, a beautiful cove of white sand and clear waters which can only be accessed by a path.

Playa de La Garañona.
One of the largest beaches in the north of Tenerife, at the foot of the cliffs of the coast of Sauzal. You can reach from Mesas del Mar by a complicated path along the coast.

Ancon beach.
On the coast of La Orotava, in the north of Tenerife are several stunning beaches, the loneliest of them all is El Ancón.
Photo: http://www.tenerifeplayas.com

Playa Pelada Mountain.
Pelada Mountain in the south of the island, is a tiny cove of white sand ideal for a beach day in privacy.

Photo: senderosdemitierra.blogspot.com

Playa de Roque Bermejo.
Roque Bermejo Beach is the perfect place to cool off during a day of hiking in Anaga, either taking a bath or just enjoy the view of the beach from the Ventita Fidelina.

Photo: Flickr @juanferHM

Benijo Beach.
The perfect beach to enjoy a spectacular sunset, can be reached by car, just you have to go down the stairs that take you to the sand.
Beach Benijos

Playa de Masca.
The final point of one of the best trails on the island. In Playa de Masca you can swim at the foot of the cliffs of the Giants. You can only get there by boat or the path of Barranco de Masca .

Playa de La Fajana
In Los Realejos, in the north of Tenerife, you’ll enjoy this magnificent black sand beach at the foot of the Gordejuela Water Lift.

The above  was originally posted by A donde vamos hoy Tenerife.
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