Seven Frightening Places in Tenerife

Abandoned buildings, places of legend, landscapes that incite mystery. Tenerife also has places for lovers of fear.

Sanatorium Abades – Abandoned leper colony

A set of 41 buildings, among which “the church”, is the highest and most visible point of the entire complex. Abades Sanatorium was designed to house leprosy patients. Ultimately, it was never used as such.

Fuente de Pedro- Alleged Marian apparition in La Corona.

There is nothing more dismal than walking down the Mount of La Corona in Los Realejos and seeing the Fuente de Pedro, full of crosses, religious images and wreaths that recall the alleged Marian apparition that took place in this place in 1992 and which brought together thousands of people in this area in middle of the night.

Franco House (Casa Fuset)

Amid the mountains of Moquinal in Anaga, in the area known as Cuadras de Don Benito is an abandoned house, a resting place for walkers who travel this area. The house was owned by Benito Perez Armas, father of Lorenzo Martinez Fuset (Franco’s henchman). It was called “Casa Franco” because of the good relationship between Fuset and Franco, who was said to have stayed there on several occasions. The building was in good condition until the 80s, but that is no longer so.

Barranco de Badajoz – The Barranco of legends.

This ravine is noted for numerous legends apparitions, mysterious beings, strange sounds, and UFO sightings … The truth is that the neglected narrow bed of the ravine creates a gloomy scenario.

Abandoned Safari

Between La Laguna and La Esperanza, the shrubs and wild life are already covering the former Safari Kudu of Hope. The state of abandonment makes that facilities have a mysterious look.

Cueva de los Burros (Badlands of Guimaras) – A pit for donkeys.

In this volcanic tube, you can still see the bones of donkeys on the floor of the cave. A creepy place. Photo:

Sanatorium del Teide – A sanatorium at the foot of Teide

Since the mild climate of the Canary Islands is ideal for the treatment of respiratory diseases, many “sanatoriums” existed on our island. The sanatorium del Teide is not well known because it is well camouflaged, hidden between lava flows that keep you from seeing it. It was never used, as it was never finished. Later small houses were built in the same area, as we see in the image.

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