Tenerife Cuisine – The Potential is Enormous

Pedro Larumbe (Lerin, Navarra, 1953) is one of the most knowledgeable men in our country kitchen. He is President of Taste Spain, the promotion platform of Spain’s leading gastronomic destinations, has presented cooking shows on television, owns several premises in Madrid – 38 of Larumbe is a must for those who want to try exquisite cuisine in the Spain’s capital. Among the many milestone in his long and fruitful career he was awarded the National Gastronomy Award in 1984.


He has spent the past days on the island to present Culinaria Tenerife 2016, an event to be held in September in Adeje and in where some of the most prestigious Spanish chefs, from Mario Sandoval to Ramón Freixa through Albert Adriá or Elena Arzak will be present. The premier event Taste Tenerife is the promotion and communication tool for the islands cuisine and has the support of the Cabildo.

Question. – What is Tenerife Culinaria 2016?

Answer. – Culinaria is a fantastic idea. It is a sign of the spirit of wanting to improve and that the kitchens of the island are at the forefront of what is being done in Spain. It will be a conference made by and for professionals in which everyone will learn from each other.

Q. Tenerife is a tourist destination that receives more than 5 million tourists a year, what role should the kitchen occupy in that context.

A.  Thanks to its status as a tourist destination, and local products Tenerife has the possibility of becoming known both among the Spanish public and among international travellers. It is a perfect showcase for its wines, cheeses, mojos, or potatoes. The kitchen is a cultural heritage where we can raise awareness among travellers because tourism is not just sun and sand.

Q. What values highlight the cuisine of the island?

A. The cuisine includes not only the products themselves but also many other elements on the island, such as visits to wineries, cheese factories, different environments that can be found, from El Teide to the valleys. It shows how the landscape and climate change substantially from one part to another, the friendliness of the people is also important. All this is fundamental, to an entire tourist and gastronomic experience.

Q. Do you think the Tinerfeña kitchen is likely to keep growing?

A. The potential is huge, something we can see in the Michelin stars achieved by some of its restaurants, for example. The commitment to quality is evident and is a key element. That will attract the kind of traveller who spends more on the island, meaning more income in the future, and more international recognition.


The above  was originally posted Turismo de Tenerife.
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